Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Doing Drugs and so Becoming an Addict

#10 It is STOOOPID! If you can read the spelling of that last word and realize that it is mispelled – and is meant to be – that is probably because your mind is clear and not stupified or befuddled (another funny word) by drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol. Drugs are not a clever thing to do and do not improve your mental capacity. How many people like to be around stupid people? Do not do drugs and your likelihood of avoiding being one of their number will increase a thousandfold.

#9 It does NOT make you funny. Everyone has heard the expression ‘Happy Drunk’, haven’t we? Yet none of us have ever met one. And who ever heard of a ‘Funny Druggy’? Having your inhibitions lowered or totally removed by drugs and alcohol may sound like a way to make your personality funny. But it does not. Chris Farley and Freddy Prinze Jr. may have used drugs to enhance their performances when they did comedy; but their end was not at all funny.

#8 Thanks for the memories. Memories are good things. You want them? Do not eradicate the parts of your brain that store them.

#7 To feel or not to feel? Having emotions is one of the glorious parts of being a human. Pain is there for a reason. If you constantly numb it with drugs and alcohol, it will only grow worse. Stones feel nothing; humans do. Be a human and don’t resemble a stone.

#6 Stay motivated. Do you wish to make something of your life? Then you need motivation. Drugs will drain it out of you. Stay motivated – and stay away from drugs – and you just might accomplish something great.

#5 The difference between right and wrong. You know the difference now. But when you are stoned or drunk, guess what? Your morals go out the window. You want to do what is right? Do not get wasted and you’ll be taking the first step on the right path.

#4 You are NOT an island! Who you are matters and what you do matters – to your family, your friends, your community, and society in general. Your private choices have not-so-private consequences. Think about it.

#3 There is nothing “soft” about drugs. How many stones are soft? When you get stoned, even on supposedly “soft” drugs, you are becoming about as soft as sandpaper; and you’ll grate on people’s nerves just as badly.

#2 Feed the greed and it only grows worse. The more money a miser acquires, the worse off he is. The more drugs a person does, the worse becomes the dependence. There is no arguing this; it is a proven fact.

#1 Live free or die VERY hard. This is not a joke, game, or make-believe. This is a matter of life and death. Choose life, live drug-free, and who knows where your life may go. Choose drugs, enslave yourself to them, and the road only goes down, down, down; and your end will not be a happy one.