1. He will never let you sleep… Ever

Speed addicts have the worst insomnia. He’s probably thinking well if I can’t sleep then I might as well talk to my girlfriend all night! He will definitely not stop talking and I’m pretty sure by 4 am you would be pretty pissed off and tired. I mean it’s not like you are already busy as it is with daily life in general.

  1. “What a horn dog.”

This is exactly what you will be thinking every time you are with him. They use the little bit of brain they have left to think with their penis. They will literally want to “do it” all the time no matter where or when it is.

  1. Date Night

Now picture your idea of a perfect date whether it involves a movie, a dozen roses, or just getting a coffee. The only time you will ever experience that is when you are dreaming. Get used to heading to the gas station where he will have to dig for change in his pocket to buy you a pack of Doritos and a Gatorade. Then be prepared to pay for gas to fill up his truck because he probably used up the last of his cash to by speed while he was “going to the bathroom” around the corner of the gas station. I know… how romantic.

  1. Showers won’t do justice.

Everyone at some point in their life has walked passed the group of guys that smell like they have just worked out or the hobo that smells like he hasn’t bathed for a couple months. I am warning you now that you will never get over the stench that comes from a speed addict. Imagine the worst thing you have ever smelled. Now picture it being ten times worse and you have yourself a speed addict. You could make him shower, cover him in cologne, or even scrub him down with Comet. Surprise! The smell is still lingering in the air around him.

  1. Not even Accutane can clear his acne.

We all can look back and remember the kid in high school who was known for their bad acne, but of course it cleared up eventually after many different creams and medicines. Speed brings a whole new meaning to the word acne. It starts a chain reaction and by the time it’s through with his face, it will be like trying to find flat ground in a mountain range.

  1. Trust

Relationships should be built off of a foundation of trust, but how is that even possible in this situation? He is going to do anything he needs to do to get high, whether it means lying, cheating, or stealing. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  1. Mood Swings

Have you ever met someone with Bipolar Disorder? Well now you have! He’s hot then he’s cold, so I would recommend walking on eggshells around him, or ask Katy Perry how she handled it. Besides that the only thing I have to say on this subject is good luck!

  1. “There are bugs crawling in my skin.”

Yes, and here is where we get to the good part. Don’t be surprised if you ever here him say this or that he thinks he has rocks under his skin. Prepare yourself now to walk into his house one day to find him bleeding out because he was cutting his skin to get the bugs out. Most importantly, don’t think this is an over exaggeration because this drug is capable of more than you think.

  1. Insanity

You can’t trust him and he can’t trust you. The worst part is that the only reason he has to not trust you is that he is paranoid. The drug is getting to his head. He can’t even trust himself because he doesn’t even know what is real or part of his imagination.

  1. Self Blame

Seeing his journey to rock bottom will hurt you. You are going to think its all your fault. “I should have done more.” “I should have helped him.” “I should have stopped his addiction.” The hardest part is knowing the truth. There is only so much you can do, and after that there is nothing…

But there still is something you can do to prevent all of this from happening to you or someone you know. Educate yourself and others on all the consequences of drugs and alcohol, not just Speed. After all, it can damage a lot more than just a couple brain cells. It destroys family, friends, and independence.