Top Ten List for Addiction Awareness



  1. There is a difference between those who can enjoy alcohol recreationally and those who cannot, and that difference is addiction. The latter can develop addiction to alcohol, drugs and or anything that can be abused by someone affected by addiction.
  2. Problems arise when people do not acknowledge that alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases. This is common because, to be blunt, people who suffer from addiction are annoying. Anyone who knows an addict can attest to this.
  3. Addicts are annoying because they live with a tendency to make damaging decisions towards themselves and others. When someone suffers from addiction they become consumed with satisfying their addiction, and that leaves little room for compassion. It becomes easy for people to cast addicts aside because their tendencies result in unfavorable social behavior.
  4. A huge problem also arises from the fact that addicts are not informed that what they are suffering from is actually a disease. Addicts live in a society that shames and isolates them, perpetuating their addiction further. In the most extreme cases this can result in homelessness and incarceration, and more commonly a life of poverty.
  5. An estimated 10% of the population have the necessary genetic predisposition to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. I think of this statistic often because I know myself to be part of it. I am the daughter of and am constantly aware of it.
  6. Being the child of an addict opened my eyes to the reality that addiction is a disease. As I’ve grown older, I realized that there are traits that my parent and I share. This personal experience has revealed to me that those who have the genetic predisposition to become addicts share similar characteristics. These include impatience or the tendency to need immediate gratification, traits which have been observed in research on addiction.
  7. Although addicts suffer from an illness, recovery is very possible. In my case, it has been difficult to halt addictive tendencies and realize that coming from a broken person does not mean I have to crippled as well. Awareness and understanding the reasons for my behavior is how I cope with addictive tendencies.
  8. Being cognisant of addictive behavior as well as increasing the awareness and understanding about addiction to yourself and others is key to successful recovery,
  9. Treating drug addiction as a disease, rather than a crime is also vital to solving the problem of alcohol and drug addiction.
  10. Although recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is not easy, and there are many obstacles in the way, the outcome is truly beneficial for the addict, loved ones and the larger society.