Top 10 List

1) The erratic behaviors and inconsistencies of an addict will feel normative after years of living with it, although it’s far from any expression typicality. One minute laughter will ensue and the next a chair will be flying at you. “What did I do!?”

2) An addict will always place their addictions above their responsibilities towards their loved ones, or those they supposedly love. You’ll start to wonder. Situations like waiting for my mom, pressed against the front door, to pick me up from the babysitter on my seventh birthday comes to mind. An addict’s promises shatter before they break.

3) Addicts tend to feel victimized, but don’t see how the cycle of their actions constructed their current situations. You skipped out on work too many times to get high and eventually got fired? You gambled all your rent money away and got evicted? Your car broke down because you neglected to repair it? Go ahead, blame EVERYONE but yourself.

4) Addiction changes the person you once knew completely. Addicts prey on the kindness of others and I guess that’s why tough love is said to be a prerequisite to recovery. If I had dollar for every time I heard, “I’m sorry”, I wouldn’t need this scholarship.

5) Hide all valuables away from an addict. My mom was known on a first-name basis at local pawn shop. My sister looked endlessly to find her lost Harry Potter DVD collection, but gave up after the television followed suit.

6) Spontaneous late night adventures on a school night.

7) Those who suffer addiction experience self-loathing and guilt. Believe it or not, they don’t like who they are when they are on drugs and it may take more than once for a person to come out of treatment and lead a sober lifestyle. My mom relapsed countless times before she finally became clean. The point is: recovery is a long bumpy road, but smoothes out eventually.

8) When it’s good it’s really good and when it’s bad it’s really bad. My mom would go through extreme highs and lows as an addict. Some days the house would be spotless, food would be in the fridge and we’d be greeted with hugs and kisses, other times she’d sleep for days with the door locked.

9) Addicts need a support system. Someone needs to care enough to wish them sober and healthy or the chances are they’ll never be.

10) Based off my experiences, 90% of ex-addicts are active church goers. No one loves Jesus more than someone who pried their way out of the devil’s grip and resurfaced with a bible in-hand or an ex-addict on Facebook with a never ending slew of bible verses on their page.