Top 10 Experiences I Will Never Get Back


You never really know what you’re signing up for when you take you’re first hit. “It’s just a one time thing”, “No one will even know”, “I can stop any time I want”. Six years down the road, those same words are repeated in over and over and over as each day ends up the same as the last- a disastrous struggle between real life and addiction.


  1. Walking at graduation

It’s a vicious cycle, addiction. Treatment, lapse, relapse, repeat; and treatment isn’t a couple days a nice counseling before getting back to the real world. Recovery takes weeks, months, years of blinding dedication, and your GPA doesn’t wait around for you. School attendance is as spotty as Swiss cheese, and walking at graduation is a once in a lifetime moment I missed out on.


  1. Prom

If you’re not in rehab or not kicked out, I hope you’re not too high to enjoy it.


  1. Making friends

You’re enabler isn’t your friend, as much comfort as it is to tell yourself that. Real friends don’t wait around to watch you slowly kill yourself. Real friends don’t gravitate towards the negativity that comes with addiction. And real friends don’t want a friend who’s too busy finding their next fix instead of hanging out.


  1. Birthdays

Roses are red, violets are blue, hospitalization from overdose means no sweet 16 for you.


  1. Bonding with family

It doesn’t happen. Addiction tears families apart, starting with isolation and battles over he tiniest things and  ending with stealing from your little sister’s piggy bank and your dads wallet to find the extra cash you need.


  1. College experiences

It might surprise you, but there’s more to college than getting high, like studying abroad, spring break, and taking the first steps of your future.


  1. School

*see number 6* There isn’t enough room in the brain to keep up with both Calculus Honors and addiction.


  1. Personal achievements

Your best achievement is finding your next fix.


  1. The summer

Ice cream, bonfires, and laying by the pool is more like isolation, binge drinking, and laying paralyzed on the floor.


  • Being a teen

Nothing throws you into adulthood better than being charged with drug possession, being kicked out, or realizing you sold your life to drugs and alcohol.