Top 10 Celebrity Addiction


From our heroes to our closest friends, addiction has ravage their lives and ours. One of these peoples are celebrities. They embody our media and have inspired love and hope for many. Many have lost their lives in the struggle for control over drug addiction, but many have survived and prosper. In this Top 10, I will be listing one of the most popular, most depressing, and most inspiring celebrities who have fought with addiction.

Number 10-Charlie Sheen

For those that do not know Charlie Sheen, he is famous for his role in “Two and a Half Men” and his crazy antics like saying how he is a “warlock” with “tiger blood” (“Charlie Sheen Biography” Editors).  Another thing to add to this hot mess is his addiction to cocaine and alcohol (“Charlie Sheen Biography” Editors). Things got so bad that he was arrested in October 2010 for damages in an alcohol and cocaine-fueled blender (“Charlie Sheen Biography” Editors). As of now, Charlie Sheen says he is off of drugs, but not alcohol (Freeman). Hopefully he would be able to overcome his toxic bad boy image and accomplish his goal of being something his children would be proud of (Freeman).

Number 9-David Hasselhoff

Another celebrity with alcohol addiction is David Hasselhoff. He is famous for his role in the “Night Rider” and “Baywatch” (“David Hasselhoff Biography” Editors). For others, he is famous for trying to eat a hamburger while being drunk (“David Hasselhoff Biography” Editors). Even though this is not as low as one of Charlie Sheen’s antics, this kind of crazy made Hasselhoff work toward being sober (“David Hasselhoff Biography” Editors). Truly a warning for us all.

Number 8-Prince

Prince is a famous for creating songs that dealt with controversial themes such as sexuality and religion (“Prince Biography” Editors). These works have won him 7 Grammys, a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (“Prince Biography” Editors). Sadly, his life was cut short by an overdose of fentanyl (synthetic opiate) caused by his addiction to painkillers (“Prince Biography” Editors). The worse part was that the day he died was also the day he was planning to meet a specialist in painkiller addiction (Eligon, Kovaleski, Coscarellli). If there is anything to be learnt from this, it is to start rehab early before it is too late.

Number 7-Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson or the “King of Pop” is another tragedy on this list. With songs like “Beat It” and “Thriller”, he has galvanized youths throughout generations (“Michael Jackson Biography” Editors). Sadly legal and financial troubles ended his career and his planned comeback was never realized due to a cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of anesthetic propofol (“Michael Jackson Biography” Editors). While there is still dispute if Michael Jackson was addicted, the fact that his heavy reliance on propofol was his undoing (Duke). With that said, we would never know if the world would had seen him differently if his life was not ended so short by propofol.

Number 6-Elvis Presley

Another music royalty is the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Elvis Presley (“Elvis Presley Biography” Editors). He shot to fame with his unusual music style, provocative hips, and good looks with songs like “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Viva Las Vegas” (“Elvis Presley Biography” Editors). Suddenly, at the young age of 42, he died due to heart failure caused by prescription drug use (“Elvis Presley Biography” Editors). With 3 Grammy Awards and honors for his works in rock, gospel, and country music, there is no doubt that if he had lived longer he would had done so much more (“Elvis Presley Biography” Editors).

Number 5-Marilyn Monroe

Elvis was not the only sex symbol of the 20th century. Marilyn Monroe also captivated the world’s heart and stared in movies that grossed over $200 million dollars (“Marilyn Monroe Biography” Editors). Sadly, personal problems came in the way of her last two movies and she never had the chance to make another box office hit (“Marilyn Monroe Biography” Editors). She died a year after her last movie at the age of 36 due to drug overdose caused by sleeping pills (“Marilyn Monroe Biography” Editors). Despite such a short life, she continues to inspire people like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani (“Marilyn Monroe Biography” Editors). No one will know how many more she could had inspired if drugs did not get to her.

Number 4- Jamie Lee Curtis

Marilyn Monroe is not the only woman to grace this list. Another famous actor for her role in horror films like “Halloween” and comedies like “A Fish Called Wanda” is the “Scream Queen” herself Jamie Lee Curtis (“Jamie Lee Curtis Biography” Editors). People who are not familiar with her work will know her as the Activia Lady, myself included (“Jamie Lee Curtis Biography” Editors). But compare to other people on the list, she was able to overcome her painkiller addiction and that is why she is number 4 (Barnes). Hopefully her testimony “Kill the Pain” on the Huffington Post could inspire others to fight the every rising painkiller/opioid addiction facing this nation (Barnes).

Number 3-Lindsay Lohan

One of Curtis’ co-stars in the 2003 movie remake “Freaky Friday” is Lindsay Lohan (“Lindsay Lohan Biography” Editors). She is famous for her roles in “The Parent Trap” and “Mean Girls” (“Lindsay Lohan Biography” Editors). Unfortunately her alcohol and drug abuse eventually caught up to her resulting in 84 minutes in jail, community service, and rehab (“Lindsay Lohan Biography” Editors). After checking out in 2007, she has made it her goal to stay sober (“Lindsay Lohan Biography” Editors). With a long life ahead of her, she is bound to come back shining brighter than ever.

Number 2-Johnny Deep

Another actor with his own amounts of scandals in Johnny Depp (“Johnny Depp Biography” Editors). He is famous for his role on “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “21 Jump Street”, and his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series (“Johnny Depp Biography” Editors). These works and others have won him several Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations and awards (“Johnny Depp Biography” Editors). Sadly it is not all rainbows and sunshine. Johnny Depp has a personal battle with drugs and alcohols and is facing a legal battle with his ex-wife who described his addiction as a “cycle of substance abuse” (Kimbale). It would be a shame to the world if his talent as an artist is overshadowed by his personal battle with addiction.

Number 1-Zac Efron

The final person on this list is what Rolling Stone calls “The New American Heartthrob”, Zac Efron (“Zac Efron Biography” Editors). He is famous for his role in Disney’s High School Musical and is now in the process of gaining more mature role in films like “The Lucky One” and “Neighbors” (“Zac Efron Biography” Editors). During that transition, he was facing problems with alcohol and drugs (Hare). With the help of therapy and joining groups like Alcohol Anonymous, he was able to overcome that obstacle (Hare). In his own words he is “much more comfortable” and “things are so much easier” (Hare). By doing so much in such little time and overcoming something so negative without any of the scandals or tragedies that plagued others on this list, Zac Efron is truly a role model to follow.



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