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The doctor can be a very crude man when he hasn't had his breakfast in the morning. Just think of it, man. Kennedy murdered by mutants. It's better to be shot out of a cannon than squeezed out of a tube. I remember my first beer. Whoa, let me tell you.

And him, don't worry about him, he's just admiring the shape of your skull.

Is this your first ride in a convertible? Well, I guess that means you're ready. Do you want a beer? How about some ether? Never mind the lizards bathing in blood. I've seen it all before.

I guess you're a libra? Sometimes you can just tell. I found a human tooth in the street last night. I thought it was a lego and just before I kicked it, I squinted and looked. It had a spot of blood, on the root, but it was otherwise fully intact, like it fell out of a garbage bag of medical waste.

No one likes going to the dentist, but the thing no one talks about is how dentists have the best drugs and the most permissive attitude about dispensing them.

If you ever meet a dentist at a party, befriend them immediately. Ingratiate yourself, with sexual favors, is possible. A party with only dentists will almost certainly devolve into a staticky, restless orgy. Ease off the booze and wrap your lips around some sodium pentathol, or, short of that, two or three halcyon.

Last time we were in Vegas, I swear, you could almost smell the cocaine in the air. Walking the casino floor put me in a zombie-trance, like a shark too close to a watery blood cloud. My senses dropped to silent standby. The lizard brain perked up and reduced me to a mere shadow of myself, like a starving child in a barren Somali village. I could see only basic, essential stimuli. My tongue numbed and my language faculties left me entirely.

It was proof, for me, that the last gasp before death is a kind of parallel consciousness that only a hallowed few have seen and stepped back from. This is only a free-write, so don't take it too seriously. Compliance.

Services Offered

  • Access to Recovery
  • Active duty military
  • Crisis intervention team


Insurance Accepted

Cash only

Additional Languages

Esperanto, Pig Latin, Gibberish, obscene gestures

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