Beech Street Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage


Beech Street Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage


Video game addiction can quickly cause havoc in the lives of patients and require them to seek detox and inpatient rehab to regain control. Although for most people video games can be a harmless pastime that entertains and challenges them, for some these games can cause problematic behavior that impacts nearly every aspect of their lives.


Patients in need of rehab may find that they financially struggle because of their addiction. They might spend unnecessary amounts of money on their games. They may also regularly be updating their computer equipment to try and keep up with the latest recommendations for their favorite games. These expenses can be a serious drain on bank accounts.

Personal hygiene and care

As a video game addiction progresses, patients may also begin to struggle with their personal hygiene. Those in need of inpatient rehab may begin to neglect themselves, such as bathing and hair care. They may also spend excessive amounts of time in front of their game, and not devote the necessary time to eating well-balanced meals or getting enough sleep, which can further negatively impact their health.

Personal relationships

Many of the patients who find themselves in need of inpatient rehab also negatively impact their personal relationships before entering treatment. The excessive time spent playing the video games may cause patients to neglect loved ones. Stresses further caused by the aforementioned financial pressures and personal hygiene issues will often make this relationship strain even worse.

Relationships with coworkers and employers may also suffer. When patients place their health at risk because of a lack of self care, performance at work will often suffer.

Beech Street Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage

Patients who face video game addiction will often need to go through detox and inpatient rehab to find their way to recovery. During treatment, they can discuss their path to addiction with their trained therapists and begin to heal. Most plans through Beech Street should offer patients access to mental health inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Those who have particularly longstanding or severe mental health problems will often benefit from the inpatient approach, while others may find outpatient treatment to suffice. Therapists will offer patients advice about how to cope with stress in a healthy way to avoid relapse.

Video game addictions can cause a fun pastime to be a life-changing problem. By seeking professional help through detox and inpatient treatment, patients can find the support they need and regain control of their lives.


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