Aetna Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


Aetna Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


Sex addiction is a surprisingly common problem in the United States. Over 12 million Americans suffer from this problem, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. As you cope with sex addiction, you need to know if your insurance will provide coverage for outpatient treatment, detox or rehab options. Aetna insurance offers several options for those seeking a route to recovery.

When to Seek Treatment

Like other forms of addiction, sex addiction often requires professional help in the form of detox, rehab and other kinds of treatment for patients to be able to regain control of their lives. The AAMFT notes that there are certain criteria that indicate you may need to seek help. If you find that:

  • your limits on your sexual activities are too difficult to achieve
  • you end up engaging in sex whether or not you actually want to
  • you feel that you must hide your behavior from your spouse or partner

you should consider getting assistance for sex addiction.

Aetna Plan Types

Aetna provides a number of health plans across the country that may accommodate your need for outpatient therapy or inpatient rehab services. Aetna plans include HMO, PPO and EPO programs. A health maintenance organization saves the most money on premiums, but requires you to get a referral from your primary care physician. A preferred provider organization allows you to select your specialist for addiction recovery, and may even permit you to request inpatient rehab without a referral. The exclusive provider organization grants you the ability to select a provider without a referral, but with a more restricted list of available doctors and clinics.

Coverage for Inpatient Rehab

Even though sex addiction is not a chemical dependency by definition, it does have certain withdrawal symptoms. You may need the assistance of doctors and medical staff in an inpatient setting as you go through detox. After you have a thorough check-up from your doctor, ask him or her to make a recommendation for services you could use in your area. Consider many options for inpatient rehab, if your doctor suggests it. Many Aetna plans will provide some degree of coverage for your recovery. However, most types of inpatient treatment require precertification with Aetna before you receive any services.

Sex addiction does not need to run your life. With detox, therapy and insurance from Aetna, you can discover the coverage you need to end your problems with addiction and make a fresh start.


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