Ten things you can do to Raise Awareness about Drug and Alcohol Addiction

1.       You can save a life:

By raising awareness to addiction you can potentially save someone’s life.  Many people around the world go through an addiction problem if you can help someone control that addiction you can save their life.

2.       Make the world better:

You can make the world a better and safer place.  Many deaths around the world involve with someone either drunk or on drugs.  People are constantly dying from drugs and alcohol.

3.       Get Involved:

By get involved I don’t mean get addicted to drugs and alcohol but to speak up and join a local community to help raise awareness about addiction and how easy it is to get addicted to something.

4.       Preventing addictions:

You can simply just stay away from drugs and alcohol.  You can talk to others who you know that like to drink or smoke.  Talk them out of it by telling them facts about what they are doing to their bodies and what is at risk

5.       Listen up and intervene if needed:

If you overhear a friend, roommate or teammate talking about misusing or abusing prescription drugs either to get high or feel good or help manage everyday stressors, talk to him or her. Try to lend your support and urge them to get help before things spiral out of control.

6.       Facts:

Using facts can help raise awareness of addiction.  Explain to people what can happen to them if they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs.  A good fact to use, which is my personal favorite, to use on people who smoke cigarettes is “Do you know what is inside of a single cigarette?”

7.       Start a website about addiction:

You can start a website about what addiction can do to you.  Include facts and examples.  Have anonymous tip lines available so people can call to get advice or help on how they can stop their addiction.

8.       Spread the word:

Spread the word about addiction by writing articles posting videos on YouTube.  Get the word out and explain to people how serious addiction is.

9.       Share a story:

Share a story about someone you know who had an addiction to alcohol or drugs.  By sharing this story, you can influence people to share their own stories of personal experiences or someone that they knew who had an addiction problem.

10.    Images:

Show images of what drug/alcohol addiction can do to you. Show them the most horrifying images possible from the internet.  Exaggerate if you have to just so that people can get scared and seek help for their problem.  The more terrifying the better the outcome of you helping someone.