Ten Reasons to Seek Help


  1. It is possible. Avoid shutting down the idea of getting help simply because you think you are past help. You are not a lost cause. You can do this.


  1. Your future. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can lead to health problems and early death. Your future is bigger than that. You were destined to do great things. Don’t let drugs and alcohol take that away from you.


  1. There is a better life for you. A life free of crippling helplessness. A life that you don’t have to sign away or put on hold for a substance. Your future is big. Don’t let it be run by, or taken away by, drugs, alcohol, or your addiction.


  1. Finances. Eventually, addiction will take its financial toll on you. You could spend that money on your wedding, a new car, your child’s college fund. So many better options exist, so why continue to waste it on an addiction?


  1. The law. Sometimes, addiction does not comply with the law. Clearly, addiction to illegal substances could possibly lead to you ending up in prison. This affects more than just you. Your future, your friends, and your family all are impacted.


  1. You won’t be alone. It is never easy to accept that you have a problem, and it isn’t going to be easy to ask for help, but you will have a support system that will have your back. You can make it through this with a little help from your friends. Do not think that you have been or will be abandoned.


  1. Other addicts. You have the opportunity to inspire others with your triumphant success story. The first part of that is making your story a success. That is up to you.


  1. You will not be judged. You might be hard on yourself, but that should be channeled into a drive to get better. You will not be judged for seeking help. You may be judged for not seeking help, but taking the steps to become addiction free is something that nobody will judge you for. Taking care of yourself should not be taboo.


  1. Your family and friends. After being in a yearlong relationship with somebody who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, I know the burden of caring for somebody with addictions. Your family and friends love you beyond belief. They will support you, but you need to take the first steps.


  1. You. You should be the main priority in your life. Your health—physical, mental, overall—is important. Taking the steps to improve and prioritize your health is a choice that you will never regret.