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Acceptance Recovery Center works with individuals who are Dual-diagnosis; including chemical and alcohol dependent, have underlying trauma issues, compulsive behaviors, codependency, and those suffering from behavioral health issues. The program specializes in providing individual and group therapy, incorporating a holistic treatment along with alternative treatment approaches to combat the patient’s deadly disease.

Accepting is the first step in the healing the mind, body and soul. Addiction is described as a progressive disease with no known cure, which affects every area of an addict’s life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Acceptance Recovery Center recognizes that stays between 45 days and beyond give the individual a better foundation to re-start their lives without the need to self-medicate. ARC is the water in the Desert.

The Center employs ideal and experienced rehab specialists and ensures that every person on the staff contributes to the recovery of each patient. Clinical and medical staff members approach patients considering they inherently possess capabilities that if applied, will lead to lasting life change.

Therefore, we have ideologies set from the beginning to assure individuals that our programs will meet those potentials. Many of our support staff and our therapists are members of the recovery population. Since most of the Acceptance Recovery Center personnel are in recovery, they have a practical view of the recovery process which not only gives them credibility, but also makes them less likely to be manipulated by the patients. This insider’s experience gives Acceptance Recovery’s staff a deeper understanding of how addiction occurs and thrives and how best to relate to patients.

Services Offered

  • Addiction Rehab
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Drug addiction treatment
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Private (for-profit/non-profit) organization
  • Private health insurance
  • Self payment

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The ARC treatment process starts with a thorough assessment. Clients work with an intake specialist who completes a comprehensive assessment to assess needs around medical, mental health, substance use, legal, employment, school and relational dimensions. This process can also include a phone consultation with family members to gain additional information on how the clients addiction presented itself prior to clients entering treatment.

Clients are then seen by the medical director, where a full medical workup is completed. The medical director can assess whether medications may be beneficial and prescribe them immediately.

Individualized Treatment Planning

The results from the initial assessment and the medical assessment will drive the individualized treatment plan, created by the clinical team and the client to address the specific needs of the client.  The treatment plan will then drive all clinical interventions.

Clients will be assigned to a primary group. This group will be led by their Primary Therapist, who is in charge of the client’s treatment direction. Primary group meets 5 times per week, and will be the main process group of the treatment day. This is kept to an intimate group, with no more than 8 people, and is gender-specific. This is to create an environment where clients may become vulnerable and open up about things they may not want to discuss in a larger group. This is a time for deeper conversation on the delicate issues clients struggle with addressing, often the underlying issues that lead to addiction. A primary group format also creates a peer group who can support the others in the group, provide feedback and confrontation on a clients faulty belief systems, and create a feeling of camaraderie.

Clients also engage in daily psycho-education on a variety of recovery-related topics. With an emphasis on preparing them for a recovery lifestyle outside of treatment, a solid recovery management plan is put in place for each client.  Other topics include disease concept of addiction, addiction and the brain, effective communication styles, family systems, triggers and cravings, dealing with high-risk situations, and more.

Clients with a history of trauma may be referred to our trauma specialist for further assessment and treatment. This may involve evaluation and stabilization, or may include an evidence-based practice such as EMDR or Somatic Experiencing.

Ancillary treatment modalities will include yoga, meditation, recreation, expressive art therapies, outdoor experiencial therapy, equine therapy, and others. While not a therapeutic technique, we also strongly encourage clients to get physical exercise several times per week, and ARC provides clients a membership to a local gym for this purpose.

12-Step Based Recovery

Acceptance Recovery Center supports the use of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs. Clients are taken to meetings nightly in neighboring communities, and clients are encouraged to get a sponsor within their first 2 weeks. We further encourage clients to meet with their sponsor weekly for the purpose of working the steps and gaining outside support for their recovery.

During their time in treatment at Acceptance Recovery Center, clients will have the opportunity to have their family come for a family therapy session. This is often a pivotal moment for the client and their family, and often changes the way the family communicates in the future. Please see our Family Program tab for more information.

When a client completes all the treatment plan goals and has created a solid continuing care plan, they are ready to graduate from Acceptance Recovery Center. A graduation ceremony with staff and the client community allows all to celebrate their accomplishments.

Long-Term Rehabilitation

We believe our greatest strength at ARC is the long-term therapy of the program and the rate of the patient’s ability to retain suggestions. The longer a patient remains in the care of a treatment team, the higher the potential for long-term recovery. Therefore, our program at Acceptance Recovery Center will be a minimum 45-day stay in treatment. Patient retention is due to several reasons, including thorough disclosure to the patient and their fiduciary during the admission process, that the treatment program at Acceptance Recovery is open ended in its length of stay and is difficult with some patients will wanting to leave.

Therapeutically, Acceptance Recovery Center will apply many approaches including, but not limited to, Interviewing and various experiential therapies all delivered from a strengths-based, trauma-informed and patient-centered position. In addition, the Facility will include psychiatric evaluation and medication management, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in cases of trauma severe enough to interfere with addiction recovery. Finally, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Bowenian Family Focused Multi-generationalism, Strategic and Structural Family Therapy, Post-Induction Therapy, Motivational Interviewing.

Incorporating a Variety of Therapies

In addition to the therapies mentioned above, Acceptance Recovery will expand its therapy to include an Open-air Therapy program later in 2016. Therapy outside the facility will provide significant physical, emotional, and experiential outlet for ARC patients. Taking treatment outside into a novel setting creates disequilibrium and discomfort, something that people in recovery need to learn how to navigate. The professionals leading outdoor therapy use the wilderness and other modalities as a metaphor for addiction and recovery, and leverage these environments to allow patients to gain insight to addictive patterns and challenges. These types of experiential activities allow patients to learn in different ways, providing a more comprehensive treatment experience.

Our treatment incorporates several of the predominant behavior methodologies into its program. The inclusion of evidenced-based programming and interventions allows us to practice effectively, ethically and professionally. Using several types of mediations also allows us to meet the needs of more individuals. At Acceptance Recovery Center, the patient will come first, which means that we tailor their treatment program that is going to be the most effective for them.

The treatment at Acceptance Recovery Center is a long-term outpatient therapy, as the program will last a minimal of forty-five days through about ninety days, depending on the patients’ needs. ARC is an adult facility in Scottsdale, Arizona accepting men and women over the age of 18, with the ordinary age of the patients in their twenties to early thirties.

After a thorough evaluation, an individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient. A patient’s treatment program is customized to meet the needs of each unique set of circumstances. Developing a solid recovery management plan, with an emphasis on safety in early recovery, is a main focus for the clinical team. Being able to prepare patients for transition out of treatment and back into the community is paramount.

Acceptance Recovery also provides assistance in Living skills and promotes personal accountability in legal matters, psychiatric support, nutrition and physical activity.

Insurance Accepted

Acceptance Recovery Center works with most insurance policies, and our competent staff is ready to help answer any questions you may have. Call 844-302-0440 today for a free, confidential consultation, and provide us with your policy information.  Or, simply fill out our<a href="https://www.acceptancerecoverycenter.com/admissions/verify-insurance/" target="_blank"> insurance verification form, and we will do the rest!

Acceptance Recovery Center

7860 East Mcclain Drive Suite 2 Scottsdale, Az 85260
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260



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