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Freedom Recovery Center (Freedom or FRC) caters to those who are struggling with alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine addiction, or any other drug of abuse.

Prescott Arizona is a beautiful part of America. Freedom is located in a pristine setting of Prescott’s central mountains with an ideal four season climate.  Mountain breezes keeps Freedom 15-20 degrees cooler than the Phoenix desert heat.

Freedom freely utilizes its surroundings to facilitate the treatment process. Day and weekend outings occur in places including the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Sedona, etc. These outings will not only enhance fellowship but also enable newly recovering individuals to appreciate that they are part of something far larger than they may have previously been aware.

Prescott’s low population is approximately 44,000 and boasts a strong recovery community with over 100 AA meetings a week, many within walking distance to Freedom.

Freedom’s mission is to thoroughly assist the healing of individuals in an affordable and professional manner. Dedicated to providing a safe and drug-free environment, we assist individuals in building purposeful and meaningful lives from the day they step foot inside our doors.

At Freedom, we cater to all client populations. The majority of our clients, however, range in age from 18 - 35. By percentage, men typically are 75%, and women are 25% of our client population.

Freedom’s 5,500 square foot Center is equipped with Therapist’s suites, Executive offices, Clinical Laboratory, Physician’s office, group therapy rooms and elegant reception and waiting areas. Freedom’s location is very private and situated on a beautifully landscaped and wooded lot. Outside, our friendly staff and clients can often be found sitting in the shade of our private patio area.

Our program begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate level of care so that we create an individualized treatment plan catered specifically to your needs.  From there, you would attend regular group and private individual therapy sessions with your therapist.  Often, we find patients that have a secondary mental health issue concurrent with their addiction.  We tailor your program with this in mind.  Since it is known that those who stay involved in their own recovery are more likely to remain sober for the remainder of their lives, Freedom Recovery Center works diligently with you to help you prepare for, and transition into, your post-treatment life and aftercare; including self-help and self-care skills.

Life at one of the affiliated sober-living houses is a warm, and congenial backdrop to the overall treatment experience. All of the sober-living homes associated with Freedom Recovery Center have spacious rooms, ample community areas, and a well equipped kitchen. In the clinical and housing settings you will encounter concerned, compassionate staff who are working both for, and with, you to help you achieve your ultimate desire of lifelong sobriety. Complementing the staff’s abilities, you will also find recovering peers and treatment alumni available to offer support and friendship.

Our clients immediately notice and feel the honesty, compassion, and genuine concern from our staff. Recently, a previous client sent a thank you note to FRC stating: “I have been through so many treatment centers with little success. I always ended up using within the first month out of treatment. My experience at Freedom was so incredibly different. My treatment stay with you was the first time that I ever felt that I had a counselor and treatment team that actually cared more about my success than the money I was paying them. I can’t believe I’m able to say this but I actually like myself now. I was discharged from treatment almost 16 months ago and I’m still living a sober life!.” Freedom Recovery is the only choice for anyone who is seeking results in the greater Prescott, AZ location.

If you are serious about achieving a drug-free and sober life, your only choice should be that of Freedom Recovery. Our quality treatment experience is created by the dedication of Freedom’s skilled staff, clinical facility, accommodations of the affiliated sober-living homes, and the beauty and majesty of Arizona itself. So positive is their experience that the vast majority of our clients remain in Prescott following their discharge and become actively involved as alumni.

Services Offered

  • Private health insurance

Insurance: Yes

Full-Time Registered Nurse: Yes

Psychiatrist: Yes

Naturopathic Physician: Yes

PHP (Partial Hospitalization): Yes

IOP: Yes

OP (Outpatient): Yes

Continuing Care: Yes

Individual Therapy: Yes

Dual Diagnosis: Yes

Detox: No:  If a patient is discovered to be in need of detox, they are referred to a nearby, quality, medically-managed facility. Clients may return to Freedom Recovery Center upon completion of the detoxification treatment.

Physical Therapy: Offsite; all patients undergo an extensive physical therapy evaluation upon admission

Food: Clients receive $50 food cards for their first 8 weeks in housing

Rating: 5
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3 thoughts on “Freedom Recovery Center

  1. I am an alumnus of both Freedom Recovery Center and one of its affiliated sober living houses. FRC gave me the discipline, focus, and courage to chase my dreams and be successful. Above all else, they showed me how to find the strength to stay sober. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. My life finally has meaning and a clear sense of purpose. The staff are simply outstanding. I had never encountered a treatment team as personable and so willing to invest their time and energy in ensuring that I stay sober. The sober living house provided me with a safe environment in which to build the foundation of my recovery and a group of friends which soon became like family. It gave me some much needed structure and a sense of accountability in my day to day life (something I never really had).

    What stood out to me the most about my experience here was the sense of authenticity throughout the process. I never felt like a number on a census or a dollar sign. They treated me with respect and care from start to finish.

    If you’re reading this, debating where you should go or if you should go anywhere at all, just call them. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Rating: 5
  2. As an Addictionologist, I had already been treating addicted people for more than two decades when I learned that my son was addicted to heroin. Like any parent, I was filled with overwhelming emotions. Fear, however, was the most powerful and inescapable. I’d seen far too many people die or lose their soul from this horrible disease.

    In my search for the best treatment center for my son, I wanted to find a place that would not only save his life but also help him learn how to live as a happy, healthy adult. At first I thought the reviews of Freedom Recovery Center were too good to be true. I was, however, lucky enough to come in contact with parents of former patients. Their recommendations plus what I’d heard from other addiction professionals convinced me that it would be worthwhile to send him halfway across the country to Freedom.

    He spent six months at Freedom Recovery Center. The center kept me updated throughout his treatment. That, however, didn’t prepare me for the shock of his return. I felt like I had sent a disturbed child to them and he returned as a considerate, insightful man. Freedom Recovery Center had accomplished far more than I’d seen realized in several of the centers where I, myself, had worked. I will forever be grateful the wonderful people that work at Freedom Recovery Center and for their efforts in saving my son’s life.

    Rating: 5
  3. I graduated this program in October of 2009 and it drastically changed my life for the better. I am very pleased with the care that they provide. I have been around the block and have seen many treatment facilities and nothing compares to the dedication and compassion I have found here. If you or someone you know suffers from this disease don’t hesitate to call. I have seen a lot of people fall victim to “success rates” and frothy admission pitches and it breaks my heart. Give Freedom Recovery Center a chance to show you what life and recovery can look like.

    Rating: 5

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