PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Rehab and Eating Disorder Coverage


PMCS (Preferred Medical Claims Solutions) Rehab and Eating Disorder Coverage


As the parent of a child suffering from an eating disorder, you probably feel continually frustrated, worried and frightened for your child whose behavior stands to wreak havoc on their health and jeopardize their future. You might have already started exploring inpatient detox and rehab facility options for the young person in your life, but you might feel uncertain about how you will pay for their care. Depending on your job and the type of health insurance coverage you have, you might not face as many difficulties as you imagine. Of course, like most parents or loving family members, you are willing to make sacrifices for the person trying to overcome an eating disorder.

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Step In to Encourage Rehab Treatment and Recovery?

Adolescents and young adults frequently worry about their weight for various reasons, but at some point, you can see a difference between those concerns and a dangerous eating disorder. You can eat least detect when you need to start asking the more difficult questions of your child. They might never give you a direct answer since the disease entraps them in such a way that they don’t realize how firm its grip is on them. If you start to notice your son or daughter engaging in the following activities, it is time to intervene and consider inpatient therapy centers to help your child find the right treatment for recovery:

  • Continually restricting food intake
  • Losing an inappropriate amount of bodyweight for their frame
  • Preoccupation with weight and body’s appearance
  • Wearing large and baggy clothing to hide weight shifts and avoid questions
  • Engaging in binge phases where they sometimes purge — through expulsion or exercise — the excess food

Understanding More About Insurance Options to Pay for Treatment, Detox and Recovery for Eating Disorders

As you begin to explore your payment options for inpatient eating disorder rehab, the best scenario for you and your family is finding an in-network provider through your health insurance carrier. As ideal as that situation is, it is not always possible, and you have to prepare to continue your search to make sure your child gets the help they need. Sometimes you need to look out-of-network for your child’s inpatient recovery program, and companies like Preferred Medical Claims Solutions (PMCS) help you do just that. Such companies can help you find creative ways to manage your healthcare insurance account to care for your child without accumulating massive debt.


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