PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange) Opiates Rehab and Opioid Detox Coverage


PHX (Premier Healthcare Exchange) Opiates Rehab and Opioid Detox Coverage


When you are addicted to opiates, you can’t live your life to the fullest. You may experience health problems, trouble at work and problems in your relationships with family and friends. In order to overcome your addiction to opiates, you need to enroll in a detox and rehab program designed to help you deal with the condition. Below is some information that will help you prepare to enroll in a detox and/or rehab program with coverage from Premier Healthcare Exchange.

What is Premier Healthcare Exchange?

Premier Healthcare Exchange, or PHX, is a company that works with health insurance providers in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Some of the services available from PHX include payments management and claims processing automation. The company’s primary goals are to reduce healthcare costs for clients, improve the efficiency of the claims management system and reduce payment errors.

What it Means for Consumers

As a consumer, you won’t deal directly with PHX. If your insurer utilizes PHX, you may notice a difference in the way your claims are processed. However, your benefits should not be affected.

Estimating the Cost of Care

Before enrolling in a opioid detox and/or rehab program, you will probably want to obtain an estimate of the costs you will pay for treatment. Below are some of the factors that may affect how much you are required to pay:

  • Deductible – Your deductible is the amount you must pay toward your healthcare expenses during the year before your insurer will begin to cover its portion of your fees.
  • Copayment – Some services may require a copayment, which is a flat fee you will owe at the time the service is received.
  • Coinsurance – Other services, such as inpatient rehab stays, may require coinsurance. Coinsurance is typically calculated as a set percentage of your total bill for the service.
  • Type of Treatment – The type of treatment you receive will also affect the cost. For example, if you undergo inpatient detox, you will pay more than if you choose a basic outpatient rehab program.
  • Choice of Provider – Not all healthcare providers will be covered by your insurance policy. To minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, make sure that the rehab facility you choose is included in your insurer’s preferred provider network.

To learn more about the expenses you will pay for detox or rehab, call the rehab facility and/or your insurer directly.


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