OptumHealth Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage


OptumHealth Rehab and Video Game Addiction Coverage


Many people are surprised to learn that you can develop a dependence on something that is not chemical. In fact, addiction to playing video games is a rising problem. Studies suggest that 10-15 percent of people who regularly play video games demonstrate a dependency, and as much as one in ten child gamers may also suffer from video game addiction. With care from OptumHealth, you can detox, consider inpatient rehab, and develop your own path to recovery.

Identifying Dependence

Although addiction to video games is not quite the same thing as addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs, the symptoms may be similar. If you find that you:

  • spend all of your spare time playing video games
  • have a hard time convincing yourself to stop playing
  • hide your playing from family and friends
  • suffer in relationships and work as a result of your video game time

you should seek medical help.

OptumHealth Care for Detox

Optum is a behavioral health system that specializes in mental illness and substance use disorders. Nationwide, there are 5,600 facilities and 130,000 clinicians who are in the care network. Your individual insurance will determine how much you will have to pay out of pocket for care. Some plans may require you to pay a yearly deductible before you can receive coverage for detox or inpatient rehab. It is common to pay 20 percent for services that go beyond a basic check-up with a doctor. Start with your primary care physician. Ask for a referral to OptumHealth services in your area that are appropriate for your needs and the severity of your dependence.

Inpatient Rehab Options

Even though video game addiction is not directly a chemical dependency, you can still go through serious withdrawal symptoms. During detox, you may feel strong cravings or urges to play video games. You could lose sleep or have trouble focusing on normal activities. You and your care provider may decide that inpatient rehab is the best solution, so that you can avoid temptation to start playing again until you can develop more coping mechanisms. Inpatient rehab usually requires precertification with OptumHealth, so you should make sure that you are approved for all treatment before you sign up.

Video game addiction is a growing concern for many Americans. With behavioral health care, detox and rehab from OptumHealth, you can stem the tide of addiction and earn a new lease on life.


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