OptumHealth Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


OptumHealth Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


If you’ve ever struggled with sex addiction, you know firsthand what an unpleasant mark it can leave on your life. Unwanted sexual thoughts can alter your behavior, cause you to break trust, and steer your life down a road you don’t wish to travel.

Luckily, there is treatment your sex addiction. You don’t need to struggle through detox or rehab alone. Understanding sex addiction, why it’s unhealthy and what your options are for recovery – both inpatient and outpatient – will help you make the changes you need.

Temptation Everywhere

In many ways, we live in difficult times for people with a predilection toward sex addiction. It’s wonderful that we live in a liberated culture, but this can have the effect of making sex highly accessible and hard to resist. Our culture’s attitude toward sex isn’t always unhealthy, but if you’re a sex addict, it might seem like everywhere you look, you see temptation.

In this milieu, it can be difficult to detox or undergo the recovery process. Sex is widely available in our society, which makes finding treatment for a sex addiction even more necessary.

A Supportive Community

If you have recognized that you are a sex addict, it’s time to forge some better goals. Instead of finding brief peace and fulfillment in the arms of other people, you can become a person you’re proud to be by successfully undergoing treatment.

Many inpatient treatment programs offer supportive groups of sufferers who understand exactly what you’re going through. You can detox in a safe environment away from the confusing messages sent by the media. And you can experience recovery uninterrupted by the temptations of being near former partners in crime.

Treatment Coverage

Depending on your condition and circumstances, you may be covered for sex addiction treatment and rehab. Ask your healthcare provider about treatment options, inpatient programs, help with detox or other recovery options. If you’re covered by OptumHealth, as many are, it will become much easier to see your goals through.

Don’t let sex addiction rule your life when rehab, both inpatient and outpatient, may be an option for you. It’s time to get a handle on your addiction and take back the reins to your own life. You can do it, and your health insurance can get you there. Call or email to find out more about services for which you may be eligible.


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