OptumHealth Rehab and Cocaine Detox Coverage


OptumHealth Rehab and Cocaine Detox Coverage


At some point in the life of someone addicted to cocaine, it is critical to realize it is time for a change. If you feel that you need help overcoming this powerful addiction, you can find plenty of help. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, you need comprehensive treatment that focuses on neurobiological, social, familial and other environmental issues. An additional concern you face when considering inpatient rehabilitation, which is so often the question for those who need help, involves how you will pay to get help in taking the steps you need toward sobriety and recovery.

Finding the Courage to Take Steps Toward Inpatient Detox and Rehab Therapy

Discuss your decision to get help with your loved ones to give you the additional courage you might need to take that next brave step. They can help you figure out some of the financial issues involved and, while they may not pay for your detox and rehab treatment; it can help to have as many loving, caring and supportive people in your life as possible during this transitional time in your life. You might also visit your family physician to determine the status of your health. Additionally, some insurance carriers require a physician’s referral for a recovery and treatment program before approving your stay. With this step, you’ll put your health in perspective and get an extra step out-of-the-way before contacting your insurance carrier, which might include companies like OptumHealth.

Figuring Out How to Pay for Your Inpatient Treatment and Recovery

You might feel a sense of fatigue wash over you at the thought of trying to figure out how to pay for your therapy and counseling that you know will free you from the grips of substance abuse, but it is an important step. It might help if you consider it a part of your healing process to take the reins of your care on multiple levels, including deciding the type of care you will choose and bravely working with your insurance carrier to enlist their help and to fulfill any obligations required of you. Once you are ready to call your insurance carrier, prepare some basic questions to get things started:

  • Am I eligible for inpatient rehabilitation? Staying at a facility, at least for the first phase of your program, is essential, so you need to make sure your insurance carrier will cover this aspect of care.
  • Are there portions of my recovery that I will need to pay myself? There are some services that insurance carriers will not pay. It is best to know your payment responsibilities upfront.


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