OptumHealth Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage


OptumHealth Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage


Inpatient alcohol detox, rehab and recovery can help you put your life back in order, but you might wonder “At what cost?” Considering continually rising healthcare costs, it makes sense that you might hesitate at the thought of taking on such a potentially costly endeavor. However, if you are truly considering committing to an inpatient treatment plan, you understand that the payoff will far outweigh the costs and that financial challenges should not prevent you from doing all you can to move forward. Reclaiming your life is important enough to take the time, effort and energy to consider all possible options to find an alcohol rehabilitation plan and start traveling down the path toward recovery.

What Types of Alcohol Detox and Recovery Programs Should You Consider?

The most important consideration you need to make when finding programs for which you plan to seek insurance coverage, or other some other type of financial supplementation, is that the program takes place in a medically staffed inpatient facility and provides professional medical attention and counseling services. It is also critical that you make sure the program center accepts different types of payments. Talk to each facility’s financial representative to find out all that you can about their payment process so you do not encounter any surprises before, during or after your stay. Worrying about financial constraints is counterproductive to the healing process, and the professionals at these facilities understand how distracting financial worries can become for patients already struggling just to make their way into an in-house program. It is a brave step for you to pursue help, so try not to become overwhelmed by the details.

Talk to Your Human Resources Representative or Your Insurance Company Representative

Once you have narrowed down your choices for potential alcohol rehab and recovery treatment centers, talk to your human resources representative if you have a job, or contact the appropriate insurance representative to help you sort through the details of your plan and what they will cover. Insurance companies such as OptumHealth, a branch of United Health group Incorporated, can help you understand the benefits afforded to you, as well as the limitations of your plan when it comes to pursuing inpatient alcohol rehab treatment. One key to keeping costs low for your stay is choosing a facility within their network of providers. While you can choose a provider that is not in the network, it will mean you need to pay more costs out-of-pocket.

Your diligent planning will help you start on the route to a healthy future without additional financial stress and is a good way to start this new phase of your sober life.


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