Hearing Fighting

I lived in a town where everyone knew each other and knew everything that would happen to

one another. Everyone seemed so happy and joyful that I didn’t understand, how can such a

poor town like mine be happy when this world is full of disaster that happen all around us. Did I

forget to introduce myself sorry my name is Kristna Macias a former daughter of an addict. I am

18 years old and now have learned that these things are what makes us stronger. “Oh well, i’m

an outsider but who cares i told myself, i’ll show them, those miserable, nosey rats.” My dad was

or is a good man even if he had his faults. I guess not being from here really did make a

difference in this insane yet amazing country.

One day when I was in my room, I heard screaming coming from the living room, I knew once

again that my parents were fighting due to the absence of my dad and the alcohol and drug

abuse that he took as a joke. He thought it was funny that my mom would try to take control but

he would bring her down with not only painful words but physically as well. Around my town, we

were always the talk on everyone’s mouth and who knew that everyone knew this about my dad

but not one of them would stand up for us. I want to believe it was because they were ignorant

rather than selfish. Why selfish you ask? Well because when you see a family mentally and

physically hurt, you help no matter how hard it could affect you.

This made me a lot more stronger because my father is drug free because he finally understood

the pain in our eyes and the pain in our words. My dad now has the ability to control what he

consumes. He has the ability to love us more than before. He even has the ability to fight for us

and keep our faith in tact. I can now say I graduated with honors even through all the hardships

I had to go through.