From Addiction to Recovery

10. Addiction had me deeply bound. I was lost and didn’t want to be found. I always wanted to fix my fix. But my life of addiction and desired success didn’t mix.

9. Addiction beckoned me into subtle surrender and soon enough I became my addiction’s adamant defender. “Mind your business!” I’d yell to concerned friends and family, when in my heart I truly wanted to be free.

8. Addiction was a bad habit that crept in slowly over time and completely took control of my mind. How had I gone from a star student to someone who would make choices that were nowhere near prudent?

7. Addiction tried to kill me, but I knew it never could truly fulfill me. The high was only temporary, my drug of choice would swoop in like a fairy… granting my every wish and desire until I floated higher and higher.

6. Addiction was a phony friend; but thank goodness addiction didn’t win in the end. It whispered softly, “you can trust me, “I said, “No, I want to be free!”

5. Recovery wasn’t just a matter of time, I had to be deliberate, but I was almost certain that I’d lose my mind. The uncontrollable urges the deep and dark desire; it was like my soul was set on fire.

4. Recovery was a long and hard road, just as many who walked before me have foretold. I thought I’d never make it, but I resolved to break it.

3. Recovery meant taking it day be day, even when I couldn’t clearly see the way. I struggled to find hope in each and every moment, recovery would be mine but I had to own it.

2. Recovery was slow and surreal, but in my heart I began to feel. It was as if a new person had emerged, someone who was no longer living on the verge, of letting go and giving up.

1. Recovery finally happened for me, my latter days have been greater than my former can’t you see. Addiction is just a part of my story; and I’m so thankful it didn’t destroy me.