Beech Street Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


Beech Street Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


Although sex is an intimate part of relationships for most people, for some, it can be a source of addiction that requires detox and even inpatient rehab. These patients might experience a variety of different manifestations of this illness. Despite the different forms, inpatient or outpatient rehab can be important for all.


Some patients in need of inpatient help for a sex addiction struggle with pornography. They might neglect their real-life relationships, spend excessive amounts of money or otherwise harms themselves while struggling with this illness.


Some patients will satisfy their needs through the use of paid sex workers. Since this is illegal in many areas, this potentially places them at risk for legal troubles. Patients in need of detox from sex may also place themselves at an elevated risk for sexually transmitted diseases.


This form of the addiction might occur with pornography or it might be separate. Patients might neglect others, not take care of their personal hygiene or might feel compulsions to masturbate in inappropriate situations.

Exhibitionism and voyeurism

Many patients in need of rehab with this form of the addiction can end up victimizing others who did not want to be watched or see the patient expose themselves. This can cause legal and social problems.

Multiple partners

Some patients with a sex addiction also find themselves with a continuous string of new sexual partners. This type of behavior places the patient at an elevated risk for STDs and unintended pregnancies for women.

Beech Street Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage

Patients seeking rehab for a sexual addiction often need help in a few different ways. They will need medical help to screen them for STDs and for guidance about safety and prudence while struggling with this type of addiction. It will also be important for patients to receive therapy and mental health treatment. Through this type of rehab, experienced professionals can help patients uncover the reasons for their addiction and the best ways to manage the temptations. This type of inpatient or outpatient treatment can help guide them towards having healthy relationships and a successful life.

Patients struggling with a sex addiction need professional help and rehab to be able to make a full recovery. Beech Street insurance plans will generally offer the coverage patients need to seek inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment. Patients should explore their detox and treatment options and take steps to improve their health today.


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