Beech Street Rehab and Heroin Detox Coverage


Beech Street Rehab and Heroin Detox Coverage


Heroin is one of the most destructive drugs out there. It causes major changes in your body – physical, mental and emotional – and leaves addicts craving more, more, more all the time.

However, it is possible to determine you need to quit and to successfully undergo detox and rehab. If you’re looking for help, you’ll find it in the form of inpatient services, treatment from physicians, help with recovery from support groups or outpatient programs, and more. But first, it may help to learn a bit more about the drug.

Why Is It So Hard to Quit Heroin?

Heroin has a reputation for being one of the hardest drugs to detox from. The physical addiction your body forms is a big reason for this. Narconon gives us a glimpse into the heroin addict’s world and what detox can feel like:

“Heroin can cause feelings of depression, which may last for weeks. Attempts to stop using heroin can fail simply because the withdrawal can be overwhelming, causing the addict to use more heroin in an attempt to overcome these symptoms. This overpowering addiction can cause the addict to do anything to get heroin.”

Is Heroin Recovery Possible?

If you jump online, you may see many claims that heroin recovery isn’t possible. While it’s true that heroin detox is extremely unpleasant, heroin treatment can be lengthy and difficult, and heroin rehab programs (both inpatient and outpatient) have their issues, you can move on from heroin addiction.

Claims that you can never “recover” from heroin are akin to claims that you can never recover from alcohol. This means your body may never be able to lose its physical dependence, so you can never safely take it. That doesn’t mean you can live a normal life by working hard and forming strategies for dealing with cravings.

What Are the Treatment Options for Heroin?

Once you’ve accepted you have a problem, there are many recovery options. Inpatient programs can be very helpful for jumpstarting treatment, because they get you away from bad influences and remove your supply. If you aren’t interested in inpatient rehab or don’t qualify for it, you may be able to get treatment from doctors in your insurance network.

Most people, however, do qualify for heroin detox coverage if they have the right plan, so talk to your provider about getting the help you need today.


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