Beech Street Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage


Beech Street Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage


Once you have decided to pursue alcohol treatment, you might start to wonder and worry about how to pay for your stay at an inpatient facility. Try not to let those concerns deter your efforts if you are certain that a comprehensive program can help you permanently remove alcohol from your bloodstream and your life, once and for all. Your mere consideration of finding this sort of help says a lot about your need for recovery since many substance abuse sufferers remain in denial. If you feel ready to find the right rehabilitation program to remove alcohol from your life, the chances are strong you need to follow through.

Does Your Insurance Carrier Cover Alcohol Detox Treatment and Inpatient Rehab Programs?

You might not have considered whether your insurance carrier covered addiction issues before you realized you were suffering from alcohol problems, but you are likely not the first insured person for your carrier to express interest. Many people struggling with modern challenges of daily life succumb to some sort of addiction to help take the edge off while trying to manage a complex life and lifestyle. Whether that addiction manifests through alcohol, shopping, gambling or hard drugs, such as cocaine or heroin.

Companies like Beech Street offer insurance customers a chance to hit the “reset” button by working as a liaison to help you find the right avenue to make this critical change in your life. This type of company will also help you figure out how much your insurance company will pay, as well as what types of out-of-pocket expenses you will need to cover by asking the right questions and exploring some of the following matters:

  • Finding out whether you need to pay a co-pay or have a deductible or coinsurance will help prepare you for most situations that could impede your entry into an inpatient detox and rehab facility if everything is not in order. Addiction Blog notes the importance of figuring out this issue before you get too far into the process.
  • Understanding the nature and requirements of your co-pay, which is often a set dollar amount per a given service, such as a doctor’s visit or a stay in an alcohol treatment recovery facility. Fees for recovery co-pays and other services start at $10 and can increase significantly, depending on the service. Coinsurance for alcohol rehab treatment is more common since the price is higher, yet less predictable. With coinsurance, you will pay a percentage of the total amount of your stay.

Explore your insurance coverage to start rehab with confidence, knowing you won’t leave rehabilitation facing a huge bill that you aren’t sure how to pay.


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