Amerinet Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


Amerinet Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage


Although sex is an important part of intimate relationships for most people, for some it becomes a source of addiction. Sex addiction can easily result in a situation where a patient needs inpatient rehab, and even detox, for recovery. When a person struggles with this illness, they will find that it can touch nearly every aspect of their lives, making the need for rehab even more pressing.


For some patients, a sex addiction might take the form of pornography. For others it will involve relations with other people, such as sex workers or serial relationships. Many of these manifestations can easily cause financial problems, particularly pornography and the use of sex workers.


Many patients in need of inpatient rehab also experience physical risks from their sex addiction. Intimate relations with multiple people places the patient at a higher risk for various STDs, which can have life altering effects. There is also the risk of unintended pregnancies for women who struggle with the addiction.

Those who manifest the addiction through pornography may find that they neglect aspects of their personal hygiene in an effort to seek out the source of their addiction. These physical impacts make finding the proper inpatient treatment even more important.


It is also common for patients with a sex addiction to face legal ramifications. Pursing sex workers increases the opportunity to get caught engaging in this illegal activity.

Amerinet Rehab and Sex Addiction Coverage

Patients who realize that they need detox and rehab to begin their recovery should always check with the services covered by their insurance. Patients will have access to primary care providers who can help test them for STDs and guide them in the types of treatment available. Women will also have access to preventive services like birth control and OBGYN care– who can help them protect their health and provide information about safety while the patient seeks rehab and therapy for their sex addiction.

Patients will also have access to inpatient and outpatient mental health rehab. In rehab, they will be able to speak with therapists who can help them explore their addiction and understand ways to cope with their inclinations while protecting their health and relationships.

For many patients facing a sex addiction, inpatient or outpatient rehab can be the answer to getting them healthy once again. Whether or not a patient needs detox, the assistance provided by the trained professionals can help them get started back on the path towards health.


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