Amerinet Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage


Amerinet Rehab and Internet Addiction Coverage


Being addicted to the internet can damage your quality of life in a number of ways. Not only will you suffer embarrassment and shame, but you may also experience trouble with interpersonal relationships, problems holding down a job and serious financial issues. Fortunately, effective treatment for internet addiction is available in the form of a rehab program. During rehab, you will explore the factors that contribute to your internet addiction. You will also learn coping skills that will help you manage your condition and avoid relapse after your rehab program is complete.

Although rehab is essential to your recovery, it can also be expensive. Before you enroll in an Amerinet rehab program, you may wonder exactly how much you will be required to pay.

About Amerinet

Amerinet is a healthcare company that works with providers and facilities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the care they provide. Amerinet is not an insurance company. However, choosing a healthcare provider that works with Amerinet could be beneficial to patients, as Amerinet facilities may offer better, more affordable rehab services.

Estimating Your Expenses

To estimate the expenses you will pay for rehab at an Amerinet facility, consider each of the following factors:

1. The facility’s pricing structure.

Different facilities may impose different fees for the same services. Be sure to find out how much your facility charges before you enroll.

2. The type of treatment you choose.

Different types of treatment are more expensive than others. Longer rehab programs and those requiring inpatient treatment tend to be more expensive.

3. Your insurance policy’s relationship with the facility.

Insurance policies typically establish a network of providers that they recommend to patients. Choosing a provider from within this network will guarantee that you pay as little as possible for your rehab program.

4. Your deductible.

Your deductible is that amount you must pay toward healthcare expenses each benefit year before your insurance policy will begin covering a portion of your rehab fees.

5. Your cost-sharing requirements.

Most insurance policies impose cost-sharing requirements, which tell you how much you will pay toward your rehab fees after you have met your policy’s deductible. Depending on the policy’s provisions and the type of rehab you choose, you may owe a copayment and/or coinsurance.

Before enrolling in any detox or rehab program, be sure to inquire about each of the factors above.


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