Amerinet Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage


Amerinet Rehab and Alcohol Detox Coverage


An addiction to alcohol not only impacts your health, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your emotional well-being. Alcohol addiction is harmful to your relationships with friends and family, and it can lead to mental health problems, such as depression. If you are addicted to alcohol, you may also find it difficult to work a job. Fortunately, you don’t have to continue to struggle with your addiction. By entering an inpatient detox and rehab program, you can overcome your addiction and begin living a better life.

If you are planning to enroll in a rehab program, it’s wise to find out how much it will cost in advance. Below is some information to help you estimate the cost of treatment at an Amerinet detox or rehab facility.

About Amerinet

Amerinet is a healthcare company that partners with various providers in order to reduce the cost of treatment. Amerinet does not provide insurance policies, nor does it work directly with patients. However, if the facility you choose utilizes the services of Amerinet, you may receive indirect cost benefits when you enroll in rehab.

Estimating Your Treatment Expenses

The expenses you will pay for detox and rehab services may depend on several of the following factors:

1. The facility’s pricing policy.

Each facility sets its own fees for its treatment programs. Before you enroll in any detox or rehab program, ask about these fees.

2. Your insurance policy’s provider network.

Most insurance policies include a network of providers that have signed an agreement with the insurer. In order to maximize your coverage, you should choose a provider from within this network.

3. The specifics of your insurance policy.

Your insurance policy will include a deductible, cost-sharing requirements and an out-of-pocket maximum. The deductible is the amount you must pay toward treatment before the insurance policy’s coverage will begin, while the cost-sharing requirement is the amount you must pay for different types of treatment after the deductible has been met. The out-of-pocket maximum tells you the maximum amount you will be required to pay toward your healthcare expenses throughout the year.

Insurance coverage for detox and rehab programs can vary, as can the policies established by different treatment facilities. Before you begin your detox and/or alcohol rehab program, contact your facility and insurer to clarify any and all of the policies that will affect how much you are required to pay.


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