Every event you encounter in life makes you who you are today, regardless of if it’s good or bad. However, there’s always one event, or obstacle, that you go through that you will never forget. In my case, it’s an obstacle I went through as a child. Many people say that you can’t remember much from your childhood, but I believe that people make the choice on which circumstances to remember. I grew up in a Christian home that wasn’t always so Christian. I say this because until the age of 12, I had an alcoholic mother.

Alcohol dependance can really affect the people around you. One of my toughest hurdles in life was caused by this. Imagine leaving your house and coming back to someone who doesn’t convey the traits your mother had when you left. This effected me because I always had a storm of fear pouring over me. I knew that if I even said one thing wrong then her mood would turn on me. I wasn’t allowed to express any of my feelings to her with confidence. I had the fear of being shut down. For example, one day my aunt handed me the phone with my mom on the line and I answered it with the smart comment of “Hey Drunk.” When I got home, I came to realize that my “smart comment” wasn’t so smart. The moment I walked into the house, I felt a firm grasp of a hand on my right arm. While being suppressed into the back door, the smell of alcohol swarmed around me as she was yelling.

This specific event is one that I will never forget. From that day on, I began to find new hope through Christ. I prayed every day that my mom would be healed from her addiction. Then on one awesome day, my prayers became reality. On June 24, 2011, my mom made the promise to overcome alcoholism and has been sober since.

This obstacle has brought me closer to Christ and stronger as an individual. Not only has it changed me, but it’s changed our family for the better. Even though it was a rough obstacle, I thank God for putting me through it because it’s made me who I am today.